Asparagus picking

Wild asparagus is a native, indigenous vegetable. It is both food and medicine. Asparagus grows in April and May when it is time for their picking.

Be quick because the season of asparagus is short. Going to nature for fresh air in search of asparagus has an anti-stress therapy effect.

Asparagus grows everywhere in the woods, the trees and underbrush, and when it is mentioned, it is not only in the sense of a spring dish. The harvesting procedure is also as important, if not even more. Asparagus should first be found in the grass or bushes, and a good asparagus eye is necessary for that. Then it should be picked, by pushing through the bush carefully, without scratching the hands. This makes the process of picking, to some people, more interesting than the asparagus itself.

Living in nature is an important ingredient that makes the harvesting of asparagus special.
Asparagus is usually prepared with eggs (omelette with asparagus), and may be served as an addition to other dishes.

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