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Feel the magic of the scent and taste of Istria in a unique way through the creative kitchen of Hotel Kaštel based on Istrian tradition and domestic specialties. Through the wide spectra of specialties and wine of our a la carte restaurant, get to know the authentic story about Istrian delicacies and the culture of life in this region.
Try truffles, an unusual and mysterious tuber found in the depths of the Motovun forest, Istrian prosciutto and cheese and unique dishes made of pasta and Istrian beef... Enjoy the many original dishes which together with top-quality wine – while Malvasia and red Teran, guarantee an unforgettable visit to Motovun. More...

Today's Istrian cuisine is a result of many changes which occurred through the history of Istria as well as the influence of numerous nations who stayed on the Istrian peninsula for a short or long period of time. Istria is a region where for millenniums the heritages of Slavic, Roman and German culture have intertwined, and the Alpine influences mix with the Mediterranean. All of this benefited the development of unique gastronomy whose traditional specialties offer top-quality enjoyment in food and drink. Then again, the Istrian cuisine is the fruit of the efforts of the ordinary Istrian man who feeds himself with what he grows, finds in nature or catches. The special characteristic of Istrian cuisine is in the rich use of seasonal gifts of nature from which a unique gastronomy has developed. It is because of this that the gastronomic experience of Istria is different depending on the time of the year.
If you are coming to Istria, we recommend that you try:

Istrian prosciutto – pork thigh dried without smoke and skin but solely processed by the bora according to the centuries-old Istrian recipe.

Ombolo and sausages – a seasonal and traditional product made of pork prepared on the grill or cooked in wine, with an addition of cooked sauerkraut.

Maneštra – The most famous Istrian dish which is eaten with a spoon. It is a thick soup with vegetables and dried meat. There are a few types of maneštra: with baby corn kernels, maneštra with barely, white maneštra (cooked without meat), jota – maneštra with sauerkraut or pickled turnip.

Olive oil - in Istria is of exceptional quality and proven medical characteristics which have been respected even during the Roman Empire. Istrian olive oil is used as a base or addition to almost all dishes in Istrian cuisine.

Wild asparagus – they are usually prepared with eggs or as an addition to other dishes.

Pasta - in Istrian cuisine is the fruit of centuries of imagination and practicality of Istrian housewives. Some of the more famous forms are gnocchi, ravioli, lasagne and others. They are eaten with sauces, truffles, stews, dressings or just grated cheese; as warm appetizers, main courses or additions to soups or maneštras.

Original traditional Istrian sweets: fritule, kroštule, povetica, pandešpanja, pinca

Istrian white wine – Malvasia and Muscat, chardonnay, pinot and other sorts

Istrian red wine - Teran, merlot, borgonja, cabernet and refional and also the less famous sort - hrvatica

Brandy – komovica (grape brandy), biska (mistletoe brandy), honey brandy, ruta (herb brandy)

Truffles – this is an underground mushroom with a strong aroma and unrepeatable taste. The Motovun forest and valley of the Mirna River are the main habitat of the Istrian white and black truffle. It is a unique specialty which is also called the king of gastronomy.


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