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Saunas have been used for a long time for achieving complete health, enjoyment and relaxation. With excess sweating, the body releases toxins, discovers new strength and energy and the spirit is brought to perfect balance. The effect of hot air and the exchange of hot and cold air are beneficial for health. The sauna stimulates the blood system and aids in the profusion of the skin, it cleans pores, strengthens and firms the skin and is good for preventing colds and various infections on the skin. Hotel Kaštel with the attractive surroundings and atmosphere of its Sauna Oaza offers revitalization of the body and mind. Let yourself go to the pleasures of our sauna which is special for receiving a smaller number of people and enabling use of the sauna in an intimate atmosphere.

Our wellness sauna Oaza offers:

  • Finnish sauna and steam bath with light therapy (chromo-therapy) enriched with aromatic scents of essential oils.
  • Kneipp tub
  • Shower experience
  • Relax area for relaxing with light therapy, the starlit sky, and relax deckchairs with herbal teas and fresh fruit

FINNISH SAUNA: traditional type of sauna in a wooden cabin with wooden benches where air comes in through an oven full of heated granite stones. The air in the sauna is hot and dry. The temperature is between 85 and 88°C (at the bottom of the cabin it is approximately 40°C and at the top it reaches up to 100°C), and the humidity is from 10 to 30 percent. In order to improve the beneficial effect to the health, especially to the respiratory tract, basically at the end of the session the hot stones are poured with water and aromatic essential oils of menthol and eucalyptus (aroma of the sauna).

STEAM BATH: The steam or Turkish bath simply means bathing in an area filled with saturated steam, and it is based on the biological effect of warmth in the form of hot and humid air (temperature of the air is between 40 and 50° C and the relative humidity of the air is 80 – 100%).

LIGHT THERAPY (CHROMO-THERAPY): Chromo-therapy is a natural therapy with colours intended to revitalize organs and the system and to establish a balance of energy.

KNEIPP TUB: These are tubs with warm and cold water. We heat our feet in the warm water and in that way prepare the body for entering the warm sauna. After staying in the sauna for an optimal period of 8 to 10 minutes, we start to cool the body by entering the cold water of the Kneipp tub, and then we cool the rest of the body with a cold shower. The cycle of hot air and cold water can be repeated three times in one day. The steam bath is recommended to people who suffer from insomnia, poor circulation, dry and damaged skin, muscle stiffness, rheumatic problems and bronchitis.

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