Motovun and Istria

Since ancient times, Motovun has been the most important inhabited place in the wider region and according to new studies of new age scientist, the city owes its key position to the fact that it is located on the intersection of the Earth's energetic meridian or the so-called dragon's furrows. These meridians transfer the Earth's positive, life energy through the landscape and in places where such “furrows” intersect, as is the case with Motovun, there is a strong force of positive energy. This sort of energy affects people by making them feel relaxed and calm, their concentration and spirituality is increased, it rests and rejuvenates, benefits meditation and develops creativity and tolerance. Maybe this is the reason for the numerous Motovun gatherings and the creative companionship of people from all over the world.

An old legend says that a long time ago giants lived in the valley of the Mirna River. They were so large that, by looking at the cities on the hills over Mirna, they handed tools and large stones to each other. One of the cities which were built in that legendary time was Motovun. Many years later, when Istria was inhabited by ordinary people as well, the giants started disappearing, but through the legends and stories of Vladimir Nazor, the Motovun Giant  “Veli Jože” was remembered. He was so large and strong that he was able to shake the bell tower of the Motovun church with his bare hands.

Motovun is a city-monument, an ancient Istrian acropolis city situated on the top of a 277 meter-...
During the year there are numerous traditional and international manifestations held in Motovun....

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