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During the year there are numerous traditional and international manifestations held in Motovun. The traditional game of “throwing the horn” is an integral part of the festivities. On Ash Wednesday, the men compete in throwing wooden sticks as close as possible to the horn. It is thrown in several series, and the game goes from the top of the Motovun hill to its bottom.

The traditional Motovun local festivity, which marks the anniversary of the sanctification of the Motovun parish church, St. Stjepan, is held on August 2 along with many entertaining and cultural programs.

The international Motovun film festival, established in 1999, gathers up to twenty thousand film fans during the beginning of August. Hotel Kaštel is a regular host for the festive events, from accommodating the participants and guests of the festival to evening festival parties and night-time projections on the hotel terrace.

Autumn and winter give Motovun, the people of Motovun and their guests numerous gifts of nature. It is the season when the famous Istrian white truffles are taken from the Motovun forest and when the Motovun vineyards give the best Istrian wine, Teran and Malvasia. The Days of Truffles are held during all of October in the Mirna valley, in Oprtalj, the Istrian thermes, Gradinja and Motovun. Those days it is a special experience to taste meals made of freshly picked truffles, a noble and tasteful aphrodisiac mushroom, and to enjoy oneself in many other programs. Let Motovun be the origin of your exploration and discovery of Istria, its unforgettable beauties and thousand-year-old heritage.


PAZIN, a city in the heart of Istria and the centre of the Istrian county, 22 km from Motovun. The famous Jules Verne wrote about its most valuable monuments, the thousand-year-old Kaštel and the Pazin pit, in his novel “Mathias Sandorf”. 


A small town 16 kilometres from Motovun towards Pazin is globally known by the valuable frescos of the master Vincent from Kastav in the St. Mary church in Škriljin.

Istrian thermes

ISTRIAN THERMES in the valley of the Mirna River (approximately 10 km from Motovun) is a thermal spa known even from the Roman times with springs of warm, medical and sulphuric water rich with minerals. The surroundings are pleasant for walks and recreation while the high rocks above the spa are equipped for sport climbing.


BUZET, approximately twenty kilometres north-east of Motovun and known as the “City of Truffles”.


ROČ, approximately 10 kilometres from Buzet, a town in the place of a prehistoric construction, has well-preserved town walls and a door with a stone monument with the oldest cannon in Istria and a Venetian bomber from the 15th century. The town is like Hum, an important, historical centre of Glagolism and between those two places is the Avenue of Glagolitic priests made of 10 monuments set there between 1977 and 1981 as a tribute to the letter.


HUM, a few kilometres in front of Roč is a small medieval town located on a stretched out hill which dominates the landscape. The town has town walls, a lodge and a parish church. It is also called the smallest town in the world.


VIŠNJAN, approximately ten kilometres from Motovun, it is the centre of talented astronomers from the observatory here which is known in the world for a numerous amount of discovered heavenly bodies.

Jama Baredine 

Pit BAREDINE is not far away from Višnjan (approximately 15 kilometres from Motovun) and offers a view of a rich and beautiful Istrian underworld and invites you for a personal speleological adventure.


POREČ, a city on the west coast of Istria, 25 kilometres from Motovun, is the largest tourist centre on the Adriatic. Out of its numerous historical monuments, the ancient Euphrasian Basilica is the most prominent.


ROVINJ, approximately 50 km away from Motovun is a tourist city between Poreč and Pula with a beautiful, 60 meter-high bell tower on the church of St. Eufemija which can be seen from far away.

Lim bay and valley

LIM BAY – a protected landscape and underwater reserve (since 1964) is approximately 55 kilometres from Motovun. The Lim Bay was created by sinking the canyon valley of limestone carst. With its narrow, 11 kilometre cut into the land, it is one of the most beautiful landscapes of Istria. It is a geomorphologic phenomenon with canyon cliffs which rise up to 150 meters above sea level.


PULA, 68 kilometres from Motovun, on the very south of the Istrian peninsula, is the largest city in Istria and its Arena from the Roman times is today a place for many quality cultural events and festivals.

NP Brijuni 

NATIONAL PARK BRIJUNI, not far away from Fažana (approximately 60 kilometres from Motovun) on the south-western part of Istria, is a group of protected islands with beautiful and preserved natural and cultural heritage from the oldest time periods.


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