Motovun off road


21. Motovun Offroad 30.04.2016 & 01.05.2016

This year, it was the twenty-first time we held a 4 × 4 gathering for May Day in Motovun, under a sponsorship of our hotel Kastel.

They have participated in all categories (amateurs, professional, beginners, tourists ...) in all varities of 4 × 4 vehicles including ATV's and the other alike..

For those who do not know, Motovun off road is known around the Croatian and neighboring countries, last year as well as this year and has recorded more than 90 participants.

Congratulations to the winners, and mudy greetings until the next off road gathering!

Hotel staff Kastel in Motovun.


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24.03.-30.04.2017. (except 14.-17.04.2017.)
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