Hotel Kaštel - annonce


Dear guests and friends,

another year is behind us. During the year 2016 we hosted a large number of people and we believe that in that period of time, besides the guests who are visiting us for years, we won the sympathy of those who visited Hotel Kastel and Motovun for the first time.

Hereby, we would like to inform you that Hotel Kastel will be closed from 2nd January 2017 due to the winter break and use of annual leave, as well as regular maintenance and further investments. The opening of the hotel is on 24th March 2017., but please feel free to contact us if you are interested for an earlier date.

We invite you to follow our website, future events that await us during the year, as well as special offers we have prepared for you. Also, for all inquiries and reservations, please contact the marketing department, which is available through the online contact form or contacts listed below.

We would like to take this opportunity to thank you, our guests, for your trust in our organization of weddings, anniversaries and other special occasions... as well as for the fact that you recognized Hotel Kastel and Motovun as your ideal destination for vacation.

Our New Year's wish is that in this year we make your vacation even better, more relaxed, more fun and all together, a richer experience!

Erik Erik Legović
Katarina Anzur
Vedran Rodić

Marketing department

Information and reservations:
Tel : 00385 (0)52 681 607
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Offres spéciales

od 120,00 €/personne
od 125,00 €/personne
24.03.-30.04.2017. (sauf du 14. au 17.04.2017.)
od 95,00 €/personne